Webinar: Where is the MONEY?!

May 31 2018 - 1:30pm
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May 31 2018 - 1:30pm

Webinar to be held online, at 7PM New York time / 12AM London time / 2PM EAT / 4:30PM Mumbai time / 7PM Manila time.

Are you a women’s rights advocate/ activist working on sexual reproductive health and rights? Climate justice? Ending violence against women and girls? Economic justice? Land rights? Peace and conflict? Extractive industry? Creative arts?

Are you struggling to connect the dots between how rich our continent is and how lacking in resources we are as Africa?

Then this Webinar is for you!

Speakers will be 

  1. Liz Nelson - Director, Tax Justice Network
  2. Caroline Othim - Policy and Campaigns Coordinator Africa, Global Alliance for Tax Justice

The webinar will be moderated by Crystal Simeoni, Head of Advocacy, FEMNET

Please fill in this online google form to give us a little information about you and how we can make this webinar even better.

Registration: online.

For inquiries contact Kalevera Imungu.