JUN 24 2019
9:00AM - 6:00PM





The International Tax Justice Academy (ITJA) is an annual training programme that TJNA launched in 2014. Under the motto ‘‘Building the next generation of tax justice champions’’, ITJA is designed as a pan African initiative that seeks to inspire, empower and mobilise citizens across Africa through bridging the existing knowledge gap on tax justice in Africa. This week-long key capacity building programme is intended for CSOs, activists trade unions students and other actors interested in tax justice and domestic resource mobilisation in Africa. We believe that for civil society actors to influence change towards fair and just tax systems and stopping the bleeding of African financial resources, would require a combination of passion, knowledge, strategy and collaboration Over the last 4 years over 380 participants have undertaken the training.

ITJA provides an exciting platform for different actors to:

  • Learn and share experience and knowledge
  • Network and build coalitions for change
  • Organise, strategize and share ideas for possible collaboration.

COURSE CONTENT (Subject to slight adjustments)

  • Tax and international financial architecture: loopholes and seals
    1. Global tax governance and rule making
    2. Tax evasion and avoidance schemes
    3. Illicit financial flows trends, impact and enablers
    4. Taxation of the digital economy in Africa
    5. Towards international tax transparency
  • Fair and equitable taxation: reducing inequality and exclusion
    1. Progressivity of taxation systems
    2. Wealth and property taxation
    3. Citizens participation in tax policy design
    4. Political economy of domestic taxation
    5. Enhancing fiscal space to finance development in Africa
  • Tax and investments: opportunities for revenue generations
    1. Harmful tax competition and tax incentives
    2. Double taxation agreements and impacts revenue generation
    3. Bilateral investment treaties
    4. Regional tax cooperation and harmonisation
  • Taxation and natural resource sector: harnessing natural wealth
    1. Natural resource tax governance in Africa
    2. Taxation of the extractive sector
    3. Taxation of the oil and gas sector
    4. Implementation of the Africa Mining Vision and mineral wealth harnessing



Everyone interested in tax issues as they relate to Africa’s economic development and transformation. This includes civil society organisations’ members, activists, journalists, trade unionists, faith leaders, students, researchers, etc.  

  • Basic package: 1500 USD

ITJA training basic fees cover tuition fees, training materials, certificates, lunches, refreshments, local transport and one group dinner.

  • Full  package: 3000 USD

ITJA training full training fees cover the basic package as well as flight tickets, accommodation and airport transfers.

Payment should be sent to indicated TJNA bank account and proof of payment sent to: wgathua@taxjusticeafrica.net



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