The Global Alliance for Tax Justice (GATJ) is a South-led global coalition in the tax justice movement. Together we work for a world where progressive and redistributive tax policies counteract inequalities within and between countries, and generate the public funding needed to ensure essential services and human rights.
Created in 2013, GATJ comprises regional tax justice networks in Asia (Tax & Fiscal Justice Asia), Africa (Tax Justice Network Africa), Latin America (Red de Justicia Fiscal de América Latina y el Caribe), Europe (Tax Justice-Europe) and North America (Canadians for Tax Fairness & FACT Coalition), collectively representing hundreds of organisations.

We've joined together because

National tax systems and the global tax architecture encompassing them facilitate tax abuse, deepening inequalities. We believe that together we can push for transformative changes at the national level and globally to make tax work for economic justice and social progress.

Now is the time

Redistributive and progressive tax and fiscal policies can counteract growing inequalities and raise the public funding needed to invest in public services that are essential to fulfil human rights and advance sustainable development. By working together across borders and organisational affiliations, we can build a strong social movement to generate the political will to reform the outdated and broken global tax and financial architecture.

Our vision is of a world where fair and progressive tax policies work for all

We want tax and fiscal policies that enable people to share in local and global prosperity; access the public services and social protections needed to fulfil human rights; and benefit from inclusive and sustainable economies that do not produce and perpetuate inequalities.

Our goals

Tax abuses are exposed and curbed

Progressive, redistributive and gender equal tax systems are at work in every country

Global tax rules work for all countries, people and the planet

Transparency practices are implemented across jurisdictions

Empowered citizens hold national governments and global institutions to account for tax justice

How do we do this

Increasing awareness and strengthening South-South and South-North solidarity to build a global movement to advance tax and fiscal justice

Organising campaigns and taking transformative actions to promote solutions that would end tax injustices

Creating spaces for civil society, academics, practitioners and activists to exchange, learn together and develop joint advocacy actions for tax and fiscal justice

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