AUG 27 2018

International Tax Justice Academy





The International Tax Justice Academy 2018 Edition #ITJA2018 will take place in Nairobi, Kenya, from August 27th to 31st.

You can find all the information about ITJA 2018 and register here.

This annual training programme launched by the Tax Justice Network Africa (TJNA) in 2014 is designed as a pan African initiative to bridge an existing knowledge gap on tax justice in Africa and to empower partners across Africa and beyond.

This key capacity building programme is intended for CSOs, trade unions, students, researchers and academics. In this context ITJA is set up to address and raise awareness on key fiscal development issues on the theme: “Building the next generation of tax justice champions’’.

Through roundtables discussions, lectures and a public forum, the Academy  sets out to: 

  • Provide basic knowledge on key tax justice themes. 
  • Initiate peer learning amongst participants, build alliances and promote engagement of key stakeholders on taxation in Africa and beyond. 
  • Highlight and bring forth depth discussions on the Stop The Bleeding Campaign(STB) to raise opportunities of engagement. 
  • Promote knowledge sharing and networking among stakeholders working on tax justice issues on the continent and beyond. 
  • Increase and support advocacy through data analysis and information sharing. 
  • Strengthen enhance collaboration within the network championing tax justice issues in Africa. 

By bringing together participants from different areas of scope, ITJA’s objective is to generate knowledge on critical areas around tax at national, regional, continental and global levels, strengthen the network championing tax justice issues in Africa as well as to enhance collaboration within the network. 

The next #taxjusticechampions will be involved in contributing to more inclusive, equitable and accountable tax systems in Africa by 2020.

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