MAR 14 2018

Lutar juntas e juntos pela justiça fiscal ! Fighting together for tax justice !




The WSF was established in 2001, as a counter-event to the World Economic Forum, a rich-countries and multinational corporations club who meets in Davos, Switzerland, each year in January. The World Social Forum broadcasts social and ecological analyses and answers to global and local issues, each year in a different country. 14th WORLD SOCIAL FORUM is organized in Bahia, Brazil, in March 2018.
This conference is imagined as a very rich exchange of experience and ideas, from many countries and continents, about #TaxJustice issues and civil society answers to them.

CONFERENCE CO-SPONSORED BY CNCD-11.11., GATJ, FGTB-ABVV, CSC-ACV, ATTAC France, Solidaires Finances Publiques,  Red de Justicia Fiscal de América Latina y el Caribe, REBRIP, Global Progressive Forum.

The Conference aims at explaining the concept of Tax Justice to a diverse audience of civil society (environmental organizations, feminist movement, anti-racism groups, trade unions, development NGOs, solidarity movements, faith groups, etc.) gathered for the World Social Forum and engage them in our global campaign for Tax Justice.


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