APR 19 2018

The Panama Papers – Two Years later






Anonymous shell companies make it extremely easy for corrupt and criminal actors both here and around the world, not to mention tax evaders, to hide and launder illicit wealth. From the Panama Papers to the Magnitsky scandal, the world is hearing more and more about this problem. As April marks the two-year anniversary of the release of the Panama Papers, it is important to reflect on what progress has been made to date in the United States to tackle anonymous ownership.

The event will include the launch of a new report by Transparency International, “G20 Leaders or Laggards”, which reviews G20 promises on tackling anonymous companies and will shed light on the status of beneficial ownership transparency in the United States compared to other jurisdictions.

The forum will bring together three speakers who will speak to why tackling anonymous companies is one of the key anti-corruption (and pro-democracy) challenges of our time, the limited progress made to-date in tackling the problem, and the outlook for potential reforms over the next several months.

Snacks and drinks will be provided.



Questions Guiding the Discussion

Why should Americans care about anonymous companies? What have we learned in the last two years that we didn’t already know about the cost and impact of anonymous ownership? Compared to other G20 countries, how well is the U.S. doing to tackle illicit flows and corruption that hide behind anonymously owned companies and trusts? What are some of the success stories in the U.S. or globally? What are the most important steps forward that the U.S. should take to tackle the problem? What is the likelihood of U.S. legislative and administrative action in this area?


  • Maggie Murphy, Senior Global Advocacy Manager at Transparency International
  • Gary Kalman, Executive Director of the FACT Coalition
  • Eric LeCompte, Executive Director of Jubilee USA


  • Charles Davidson, Kleptocracy Initiative


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