JUL 2 2015

What happened during the Global Week of Action in Latin America?




Through mobilization and advocacy actions in more than ten countries, Latin America and the Caribbean joined the first Global Week of Action for #TaxJustice which took place from June 16 to June 23 all over the world. From Nicaragua to Brazil, including other countries such as Peru or Paraguay, several civil society organizations, members of the Red Justicia Fiscal (RJF), have been involved in different ways in this Global Week of Action, which ended on June 23, World Public Services Day. The governments of Brazil, Peru, Paraguay, Nicaragua, Guatemala and Dominican Republic received a letter signed by several civil society organizations, emphasizing the need for leaders to attend the Third Conference on Financing for Development to be held from 13 to 16 July in Ethiopia. In Peru, on the occasion of the World Public Services Day, a stunt was organized, handing checks to the name of the Peruvian people, to help people understand the link between harmful tax avoidance practices, facilitated by tax permissive legal frameworks, and the loss it means for common citizens who could have good quality public services if public revenue was invested in fighting inequality and poverty. Another awareness stunt took place in Brazil, engaging citizens in a public square. Regionally, more than 40 organizations signed the Lima Declaration on Human Rights and Tax Justice. This statement got more that 100 signatures from major organizations, including international unions, human rights groups, women’s organizations, etc, representing more than 200 million people around the world. The Latin American movement struggle for #TaxJustice joined efforts on the Internet too, with joint publications on social media and supporting the GATJ photo petition, making this week a successful opportunity to strengthen the global and the regional movement for Tax Justice. Article written by Mathilde Brochard, from Latindadd

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