Mar 15 2017
1:15PM - 2:30PM

“Women’s Economic Empowerment Through Tax Justice”





Official side event during The 61st United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (UNCSW), co-organized by the Government of Ecuador and the Global Alliance for Tax Justice.

“Women remain economically disadvantaged in all regions of the world, despite decades of support by pro-equality governments and international organizations including the United
Nations. This UNCSW official side event will bring attention to the fiscal challenges faced by women, including these key points:
• Corporate tax havens deprive both developed and developing countries of their fair share of revenues from local development, limiting the capacity of host governments to
invest in human capabilities and local economic development;
• Transnational tax competition among countries at all levels of economic development creates spillover effects that disadvantage women at all stages in trade and supply;
• As the result of existing employment, wage, and tax policy inequities, women experience greater unpaid work responsibilities and poverty than men;
• Domestic tax and social benefit systems often magnify longstanding market gender inequalities, thus undercutting women’s economic empowerment
• Weak regulation of overseas investment and development projects exposes women to risks of poverty and exploitation even when new paid work options are created;
• An inclusive intergovernmental UN Global Tax Body is required so that all countries have an equal seat at the table to decide equitable international tax policies.

• Representative Government of Ecuador – Carola Iñiguez, Undersecretary of International Organizations
Additional comments by:
• Global Alliance for Tax Justice/ Tax & Gender Working Group, Caroline Othim, Co-coordinator
• Association for Women’s Rights in Development (AWID) – Ana Inés Abelenda, Program Coordinator, Economic Justice
• Center for Economic and Social Rights (CESR) – Nicholas Lusiani, Director, Human Rights in Economic Policy Program; Co-coordinator Global Alliance
for Tax Justice/ Tax & Human Rights Working Group

Invitation only.

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A 3-day virtual event that will take place from 28-30 September


Convened by Tax Justice Network Africa (TJNA) under the theme ‘Tax Justice Amid Multiple Crises'
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