14-25 Mar: Take Part in Our Global Days of Action on Tax Justice for Women’s Rights







Today, the Global Alliance for Tax Justice (GATJ), its regional networks and members of its Tax and Gender Working Group are starting the 6th edition of the Global Days of Action on Tax Justice for Women’s Rights, coinciding with the 66th session of the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (CSW).

From 14 to 25 March, they will hold together mobilisations all around the world to call for tax and fiscal justice to advance gender equality, as well as to highlight the global movement’s demands to governments and multilateral institutions to stop tax abuse, and to multinational corporations and wealthy elites to pay their share of taxes. The campaign also aims to strengthen the tax justice and gender justice movements, and better understand the interlinkages between climate, gender, tax justice and care by highlighting the need for repairing our care for the planet.

Caroline Othim, Global Policy Advocacy and Campaigns Coordinator, said:

“The campaign is being held at a time when the COVID-19 pandemic is still causing untold suffering across the world and women are disproportionately impacted as intersecting inequalities based on gender, sexual orientation, age, race and other dimensions are deepened. Big multinational corporations and wealthy individuals continue dodging their share of taxes, denying governments the much needed resources to fund public services which benefit women more, such as education, healthcare, and childcare. It is now more urgent than ever for governments and multilateral institutions to take action for tax justice and women’s rights. Tax justice is a fundamental tool to address inequality and poverty.”

Demands to multilateral institutions and governments

  1. Ensure tax and fiscal policies are in line with the 5R framework: recognise, reduce, redistribute, reclaim and remuneration/reward care and domestic work.
  2. Reduce unfair tax burdens on women and adopt progressive, redistributive and gender equal taxation – including new forms of taxation of capital and wealth – combined with less reliance on consumption taxes. 
  3. Remove gender bias and discrimination in tax policies to ensure that tax revenues are raised and spent in ways that promote gender equality.
  4. Ensure adequate financing of gender-responsive social services that promote women’s rights, and reduce inequalities, including by gender budgeting.
  5. Establish an inclusive intergovernmental UN Global Tax Body, to ensure equal taxing rights of nation states and stop all forms of tax abuse by multinational corporations and the wealthy elites. 

How to take part

Share our messages on social media


Download the campaign’s pack of materials and share them widely with the hashtag #MakeTaxesWorkForWomen.


Join our social media action


Take and post on social media a photo of yourself, a friend, or a group holding a placard with your messages and tag GATJ.


Join the conversations


Campaign’s kick-off event: Tax justice for a feminist and transformative recovery
Organisers: GATJ and regional networks
Date: Monday 14th March 2022
Time: 5 pm EAT
Register here

Parallel event at the UN CSW66: Feminist perspectives – progressive taxation for an equal, green, and feminist transition
Organisers: Members of the GATJ’s Tax and Gender Working Group
Date: Monday 21st March 2022
Time: 5 pm EAT
Register here

Shifting the narrative: Why we need progressive taxation to finance education, and the role of IFIs
Organisers: Members of the TaxEd Alliance
Date: Wednesday 23rd March 2022
Time: 3 pm EAT
Register here

Parallel event at the UN CSW66: Land is Everything — women, climate crisis and extractivism in Uganda
Organisers: Womankind Worldwide, National Association of Professional Environmentalists (NAPE) and National Association for Women’s Action in Development
Date: Wednesday 23rd March 2022
Time: 10:00 am EDT / 2:00 pm GMT / 5:00 pm EAT / 7:45 pm Nepal
Register here

Twitter chat 
Organisers: Members of the TaxEd Alliance 
Date: Thursday 24th March 
Time: from 11-12 GMT


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