African Highlights of “Make Taxes Work for Women” Days of Action







Geared by Tax Justice Network Africa, civil society organisations in the continent agitated communities for #TaxJustice and #GenderEquality!

Many grassroots activities throughout the 4th edition of Make Taxes Work for Women Global Days of Action aimed at advocating for the maximization of public budget through fair and progressive taxation in order to fund gender-responsive public services and social protection systems.

Check out the highlights in the region below and on Tax Justice Africa’s profiles!

Feminist Mobilisation in the Lumley Market in Sierra Leone 

On March 13th, our partner ActionAid organised a mobilisation with feminists in the Lumley Market in Freetown, Sierra Leone. The idea was to educate women who work in the market about the importance of paying taxes to reduce inequalities and demanding quality and gender-responsive public services. Market women displayed their placards to mobilize other market women to engage the City Council on the judicious use of their tax.

Youth for Tax Justice in Uganda

The Youth for Tax Justice Network (YTJN) convened a Youth Policy Village Session on March 13h at the Makerere University. The event aimed to encourage youth active participation in the formulation and implementation of tax policies for gender equality.

“The participation of young people in the policy-making process is fundamental to make tax justice a reality for all. We want to encourage young leaders to play a more active role in shaping the conversations around tax laws, as well as allocation of national and local budgets to ensure gender-responsive public services”, said Caroline Othim, Africa Campaigns & Policy Coordinator at GATJ.

Ahead of International Women’s Day, an Inter-University Debate on Tax Justice had also been organised  in Kigali, Rwanda.

Spotlight series of the Gendered Dimensions of IFFs

Tax Justice Network Africa under their campaign #StopTheBleeding, together with Capvine, organized a spotlight series of the Gendered Dimensions of Illicit Financial Flows (IFFs), to highlight how IFFs reinforce Gender Inequality and called for people to sign the pledge to stop #IFFs and demand public services.

Kenya: Tax Payers mobilised to Make Taxes Work for Women!

In Kisumu, the National Taxpayers Association video-interviewed women working in the informal sector to get their view on tax inequalities and unpaid care work among women and how they impact on their personal growth. They used the videos and specific infographics for a massive outreach on social media, including two tweetchats. A March was also promoted with partners, to advocate for “fair tax systems that favor women economic growth and the implementation of commitment”. See more details and great photos here.

#FeminomicsZW teach-ins in Zimbabwe

In Zimbabwe, ZIMCODD launched the #FeminomicsZW Campaign, “domesticating the Global Alliance for Tax Justice’s campaign to Make Taxes Work for Women”: ZIMCODD carried out teach-ins on feminist economics in 3 areas and one big policy dialogue on feminist economics. The major topics for discussion were focused on demystifying the whole “care work” that women have for many years been participating in.

ZIMCODD’s also dedicated its monthly show The National Purse to Gender-Responsive Budgeting.

We are still adding links, pictures and blogs about more #TaxJustice for Women’s Rights activities in Africa. Stay tuned!

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