Blogs for #TaxJustice in the Extractive industry



  • Daniel Mulé, a Senior Policy Advisor for Tax and Extractive Industries at Oxfam International, contributed a blog titled ‘Can Tax Justice Counter the Resource Curse?, in English, on our website. ‘The extractive industries, Mulé explains, rely on finite, non-renewable resources. Because these resources are exhaustible, the public only has one shot to get a good deal and maximize their value. But getting this deal right is complicated. Mining, oil, and gas deals are also extremely important to the “resource-rich” countries of the Global South – Unfortunately, the benefits don’t always add up in practice’.

  • Dereje Alemayehu and Marie Joubert, from the GATJ Secretariat, also published a blog titled ‘La justice fiscale passe aussi par le secteur extractif!’ in French, published on the CNCD 11.11.11 website – the French speaking Belgian NGO platform. ‘Of course, it is crucial and urgent to demand tax justice everywhere, Alemayehu and Joubert say. But the extractive sector, which so regularly hits the headlines for its environmental abuses and human rights violations, is also at the forefront of tax avoidance’.

  • Tax Justice Network also contributed a blog titled ‘Digging the dirt on extractives’, by Naomi Fowler. ‘As global capitalism continues to lurch from one crisis to the next, massive levels of tax abuse and avoidance are robbing governments of the resources they need to provide basic social services while also contributing to economic instability, fuelling gender inequalities and undermining human rights. Nowhere is this systemic malaise more manifest than in the extractives industry’, Fowler states.


  • in Brazil, Instituto Justiça Fiscal shared a João Carlos Loebens’ contribution to the campaign, titled ‘The mining that impoverishes Brazil’, in Portuguese: a reflection on the benefits of extractivism in the country (and in Peru), with examples of Vale and Yacocha and a pedagogical explanation of transfer pricing. The text can be translated into English.

For more information about the Global Alliance for Tax Justice’s campaign about the Extractive Industry, please feel free to reach out to us:

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