Fight Inequality Alliance Week of Action




The Fight Inequality Alliance, of which the Global Alliance for Tax Justice is a member, is organizing its Fight Inequality Week of Action from 19th to 26th January, under the theme “End the Age of Greed”.

The Fight Inequality Alliance is a growing group of leading international and national non-profit organisations, human rights campaigners, women’s rights groups, environmental groups, faith-based organisations, trade unions, social movements and other civil society organisations that is committed to building a global movement to counter the excessive concentration of power and wealth in the hands of a small elite and achieve a just, equal and sustainable world.

Each year in January, members of the Fight Inequality Alliance mobilise across the world to highlight the crisis of inequality and to demonstrate that people are organising and demanding an end to the age of greed and for a more equal society. Last year 27 countries got involved

“At the same time as we gather on the streets, the Fight Inequality Alliance states, political and business elites will meet at the Davos World Economic Forum, and claim that they are fixing the problem. Once again, the world will be talking about the inequality crisis, and we need to demonstrate that around the world that people will not tolerate today’s age of greed. We will show the global public through our actions that the answers do not come from those elites who actually are making inequality worse; that instead the way to tackle inequality is through strengthening the power of ordinary people by uniting for change and listening to their solutions. Our media work will contrast the spin of those elites with the real understanding and determination of people taking action, demonstrated by describing and sharing images of the popular mobilisations around the world. The actions of the week will help us collectively develop and build as a movement by demonstrating that national level organising is happening “out there” (in offline events and in human stories told in media), with action by people at the grassroots, strengthening as a force to be reckoned with.”

Whether you plan on organizing a rally, you want to record a video or you are drafting an editorial for the media, make sure to visit the Organising and Communications Kit set up by the Fight Inequality Alliance with visuals, templates, dates, and everything else you need!

During the Week of Action, make sure to convey the message so the media and the world not only gets the images of the elite meeting happening in Davos at a Swiss resort mountain: our contrasting messages from “the other mountains” are particularly powerful, share them!

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