#FightInequality blogging action day tomorrow!




The Fight Inequality Blogging Day on Inequality & Tax will launch on January 17th, mid way through the week of action.

The aim is to spark a flurry of online debate on inequality and tax injustice as the world’s political and financial elite meet in Davos. We will raise our voices together, and create some noise!!!


There are three ways to get involved:

  1. Directly contact any bloggers you know and encourage them to get involved by writing a blog about inequality on Jan 17th. You can explain the project, and send them a link to exclusive materials online; information, pictures and films to bring their posts to life (access them here)
  1. Post the sharegraphic on social media. The graphic asks people to join us in raising their voices and fighting inequality by writing a blog or post on facebook or twitter, and links them to the same exclusive package of information noted above.

Here are sample tweets for you to use to share :  

  • “Raise your voice to #fightinequality on Jan 17! Take action by writing a blog or joining us on social media. More info here: bit.ly/2i6ceUY“
  • “1% of the world’s population now owns more than the rest of us combined. Take action to #fightinequality: join us on Jan 17, bit.ly/2i6ceUY”
  1. Reach out to a high profile blogger or celebrity and ask them to write a blog for this day. Ask them to tweet about their blog and we will re-tweet their posts on January 17th, as well as posting their blog on the Fight Inequality Alliance website.

All informations and tools are available on the Fight Inequality Alliance website.

Don’t forget to use the hashtags: #fightinequality #WEF #WEF17 when you share so your post will be seen by others in the alliance, and those debating and discussing Davos.

Interesting Articles to Read

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