“Flush out corporate tax dodgers”




Ahead of World Water Day, and within the #TaxJustice for Women’s Rights campaign, Public Services International released this blog, linking Women’s Rights, Tax Justice and the Right to Water: “Women’s rights demand tax justice, and universal access to quality public water and sanitation!” says the global trade union.

“Women have a crucial relationship with water, because of the sexual division of labour that has perpetuated “naturally” attributed social roles and functions to men and women, or the cultural patterns characteristic of diverse communities, or views of the human body and biological factors. Women and girls are the stewards of water. It underpins all of their care burden, and is key to equality, dignity, and socioeconomic autonomy and emancipation. PSI represents the majority of the world’s water and sanitation workers, and most of these work for publicly owned and managed, largely municipal utilities. The world’s water workers are dedicated to public service. Their jobs are not glamorous, nor necessarily well-paid, with low representation of women at the work force and in management. Regrettably, in many countries, these workers do not have the tools to do their jobs properly. The reasons are mainly political – not enough public funds are dedicated to water and sanitation infrastructure and operation and maintenance”…

You can read the full blog download some great infographics on PSI’s website, in EnglishSpanish or French.

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