ICRICT videos, one year after the #ParadisePapers




To mark the one-year anniversary of the #ParadisePapers, Global Alliance for Tax Justice’s partner ICRICT (The Independent Commission for the Reform of International Corporate Taxation) published a series of videos on its social media channels on Nov 6th, featuring several of its commissioners, addressing specific issues:

Magdalena Sepúlveda: “A whole year since #ParadisePapers, multinationals still don’t pay their fair share of tax, with a huge impact on human rights”.


Eva Joly:“A good opportunity to remember the disastrous impact of tax haven on the environment”




Gabriel Zucman: “The call to end corporate tax secrecy for multinationals, by ensuring all multinational companies make country by country data publicly available, remains unanswered.”


Jayati Ghosh: “A whole year since #ParadisePapers, we are calling on decision makers to make multinationals pay their share of tax”.




Joseph E. Stiglitz: “There is only way to stop the tax competition”.


Watch also ICRICT’s Léonce Ndikumana arguing in an interview with US-based Real News that “the sustainable development goals set by the UN are not sustainable if African governments are not able to secure tax revenue because global corporations hide their taxes in tax havens”:


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