TaxCast #67




Tax Justice Network July 2017 podcast is out!

This month’s Taxcast explores :

  • Land Value Tax and the billions in revenue the United Kingdom is missing out on.
  • Tax Haven USA signs up to potential sanctions and blacklisting of the few nations still refusing to comply with international financial transparency rules, which would er, include itself as the world’s prime offender. Did Team USA read the small print? And will the G20, OECD and the EU really blacklist one of the world’s biggest economies?
  • Also, at last, Members of the European Parliament vote for public country by country reporting for the world’s biggest companies – but a last minute amendment was tabled…

Featuring: Green Party Member of the Scottish Parliament and land reform advocate Andy Wightman, international speaker on transport and land reform and former chair of the Greater London Council Transport Committee Dave Wetzel and John Christensen of the Tax Justice Network.

‘Land value taxation has got a long pedigree, it’s a very sensible tax… The reasons it’s never been implemented are because the political difficulties of vested interests stand in the way of implementing a tax like that but in terms of a quota I’m quite clear it could generate tens of billions’, says Green Party Member of the Scottish Parliament and land reform advocate Andy Wightman.

Produced and presented by the Tax Justice Network’s Naomi Fowler.

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