#TaxJustice for #GenderJustice? Women’s Blogs make the connection




Today, March 8th, marks International Women’s Day and the launch of the Global Days of Action on Tax Justice for Women’s Rights, coordinated by the Global Alliance for Tax Justice.

Olivia Lally, Senior Policy and Advocacy Officer on “Tax Justice” at Eurodad, the European Network on Debt and Development, introduces the issue in her blog “Making tax work for women’s rights”: News headlines will rightly focus on the oppression, discrimination and systemic inequalities faced by women, but one point that is often overlooked is the many ways in which the tax system, like other policies and structures, offers a transformative tool for redistribution and financing gender equity”.



Interesting Articles to Read

In interview, Klelia Guerrero (Latindadd) explores the key role of tax justice to finance climate justice
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