The Covid-19 ‘recovery’ must supercharge the fight against inequality







As a member of the Fight Inequality Alliance, the Global Alliance for Tax Justice endorses the open letter The Covid-19 ‘recovery’ must supercharge the fight against inequality, addressed to all governments and multilateral institutions. 

Inequalities within and across countries have been deepening and the pandemic-triggered crises have put a spotlight on the urgent need for systemic changes and alternatives to the current neoliberal development model. 

There is an opportunity to reimagine the global economy and international financial architecture so that they are anchored on social justice and substantive equality, which is not possible without tax justice. The Global Alliance for Tax Justice reiterates its call for an economic rebuilding that prioritises the people and the planet over profits. It also supports the following demands stated in the open letter published by the Fight Inequality Alliance:

“We demand a People’s Vaccine, so a Covid-19 vaccine, when ready, is available to all and not determined by what passport someone holds, and does not make huge profits for pharmaceutical companies.

We demand an end to the brutal austerity measures governments and international institutions force on our economies.

We demand universal public services, including health, water and education.

We demand universal basic income and global social protection systems.

We demand the cancellation of all unpayable external debt for countries in need.

We demand wealth taxes so the richest pay their fair share for the costs of the crisis and an end to industrial levels of tax dodging.

We demand the recognition, redistribution and reward of the billions of hours of women’s care work, unpaid and paid, that keeps our economies going.” 

Click here to read the open letter. 


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