US: two #TaxJustice op-eds in one day!




In just two days, the United States newspaper Washington Post published two op-eds calling for #TaxJustice:

Human Rights attorney Amol Mehra, executive director of the International Corporate Accountability Roundtable published yesterday “My law degree wasn’t meant for money laundering. But boy, it would make it easy”.

“I didn’t pursue a law degree, Mehra introduces, to learn how to launder money for human traffickers, opioid kingpins or corrupt public officials. But my legal training has helped me to understand just how easy it would be”.

Today, Atlantic Council scholar Anders Aslund issued an op-ed urging Congress to address critical national security vulnerabilities by moving forward beneficial ownership transparency, titled “It’s time to go after Vladimir Putin’s money in the West”.

“Putin controls the Russian state institutions, its secret police and its big state companies. Together with a few old friends from St. Petersburg, the president is tapping the big state companies through overpriced no-bid procurement, transfer pricing, asset stripping and stock manipulation. They are also making money by extorting old oligarchs and taking loans from state banks, not to be returned”.

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