Le décalage qui se creuse entre les riches et les pauvres
a atteint un point de non-retour. Nous pouvons le laisser

Financial investigative journalism training course

Finance Uncovered (formerly known as the Illicit Finance Journalism Programme) equips journalists and researchers from all over the world with the skills to undertake tax abuse, money laundering and corruption investigations. This course will also draw the links between tax justice and human rights.

Global tax reform: the end of the beginning?

Taxation is firmly on the global agenda as a vital issue for developed and developing countries alike. The UK made tax one of the cornerstones of its G8 agenda when it hosted in 2013, and tax has rarely left the headlines since – whether through scandals such as ‘Luxleaks’, the revelation of corporate tax dodging leading to the introduction of the so-called ‘Google tax’, the UN Financing for Development (FfD) negotiations in Addis or, most recently, the publications of the OECD/ G20 Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) action

Regional Roundtable on International Taxation

The Fourth Regional meeting on international taxation, organized by Latindadd, CIAT and SRI, will take place at a key moment in terms of the reforms on issues of international taxation and the institutional architecture in which these matters are discussed. They are currently emerging as part of a package of international tax reforms, which must be implemented globally. Precisely, in October, the G20 countries have agreed on the final outcome of the BEPS Action Plan

Friendship Day

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