JUL 16-18 2018
8:00AM 6:00PM

1st African Parliamentary Network on Illicit Financial Flows and Trade (APNIFFT) Training





The African Parliamentary Network on Illicit Financial Flows and Tax (APNIFFT) is a network of members of Parliament from across the continent who have expressed a desire and commitment to spearhead the fight against illicit financial flows in Africa. Currently the Network boasts a membership of 64 MPs (16 women and 48 men) drawn from across the continent. Find your MP!

The main aim of APNIFFT is to provide a platform for African legislators to undertake sustained advocacy- related dialogue and debate in a simplified manner on Illicit Financial Flows, tax governance and domestic resource mobilisation on the African continent which is informed by research and is inclusive of a wide variety of voices, with links to national and regional processes.

The objectives of APNIFFT include:

  • To support interaction and exchange among, African MPs on the subject of IFF, taxation and domestic resource mobilisation.
    •To break down the issues of IFFs and taxation governance as a body of knowledge, into simple concepts, among MPs so as to allow effective and constructive debates in African parliaments.
    •To increase the quality and frequency of media reporting on IFFs, tax and DRM issues involving African MPs.
    •To provide spaces and avenue for research support and information exchange between CSOs and African MPs.

APNIFFT’ s main areas of work are focused on three main areas- accountability, awareness raising and constituency- mobilisation and advocacy around Illicit Financial Flows, taxation and domestic resource mobilisation.

For more information, please contact TJNA’s Farah Nguegan

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A 3-day virtual event that will take place from 28-30 September


Convened by Tax Justice Network Africa (TJNA) under the theme ‘Tax Justice Amid Multiple Crises'
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