NOV 6 - 10 2017
9:00AM - 6:00PM

4th International Tax Justice Academy





The academy is a unique platform that brings together different stakeholders to discuss and identify possible solutions for the continent.

In 2014 Tax Justice Network-Africa launched the annual International Tax Justice Academy (ITJA) training programme as a Pan-African initiative to bridge an existing knowledge gap on tax justice in Africa and empower partners across the five regional blocs in Africa as well as Europe and Latin America.

The ITJA is a week-long indepth programme on topical issues around tax policy that bring together participants from journalists, academicians and development practitioners.

ITJA aims to foster and build greater capacity for participants to engage with the various tax experts to discuss the discourse, towards building knowledge-driven pool of African tax justice activists and to promote domestic resource mobilisation in Africa to underpin the continent’s structural transformation.

The training programme includes lectures, case studies and interactive group work and presentations. The academy is tailored to the needs of a range of participants from entry level of the tax justice agenda to the mid-level tax justice campaigners or researchers. Under the proposed theme, the academy will is underpinned by the following four pillars of TJN-A:

  1. Tax and International Financial Architecture
  2. Tax and Investment
  3. Tax and Extractive
  4. Tax and Inequality

Beyond this, the tax academy training will also be a forum for networking and building alliances for organisations to work even better together on tax and related agendas in their various countries.

The academy training will provide a key platform to reflect, evaluate, strategise and strengthen the network championing tax justice issues in Africa and enhance collaboration within the network.

The Academy provides a platform for the one week training for different stakeholders to undertake sustained advocacy, related dialogue and debate through the training on Illicit Financial Flows, tax governance and domestic resource mobilization on the African continent, informed by research and inclusive of a wide variety of voices.

The academy therefore sets out to:

  1. To provide basic knowledge on key tax justice themes.
  2. To initiate peer learning amongst participants, build alliances and promote engagement of key stakeholders on taxation in Africa and beyond.
  3. To highlight and bring forth in-depth discussions on the Stop the Bleeding Campaign and to raise opportunities of engagement.
  4. To promote knowledge sharing and networking among stakeholders (CSOs, Journalists, Academics, Researchers and Trade unionists) working on tax justice issues on the continent and beyond.
  5. To increase and support advocacy in an effective manner through information sharing.

Other events



A 3-day virtual event that will take place from 28-30 September


Convened by Tax Justice Network Africa (TJNA) under the theme ‘Tax Justice Amid Multiple Crises'
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