Canada: Platform for Tax Fairness ahead of federal election




With the 2019 federal election planned for October 21st, Canadians for Tax Fairness  (C4TF) released in August its recommendations on how parties can include tax fairness measures in their election platforms. Canadians for Tax Fairness  (C4TF), the Global Alliance for Tax Justice’s network member in Canada, is a broad coalition of economists, researchers and social justice advocates drawn from civil society groups, who represent faith, labour, international development and community organizations, as well as academia and law.

C4TF’s Platform for Tax Fairnessa comprehensive plan, “outlines how the federal government can restore equality, strengthen the economy and pay for important public services”. “We’ll be highlighting some of these recommendations in the coming months, C4TF says, as we advocate for tax fairness to be an important issue in the coming federal election–and beyond”.


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