Ecuador steps up campaign for a UN #Globaltaxbody




Global Alliance for Tax Justice representatives are in New York right now for the United Nations Genereal Assembly meetings, and here is some very exciting news, related by The Guardian : “Ecuador’s foreign minister steps up campaign for UN tax body. Guillaume Long is to call on the UN general assembly to create a global regulator to stamp out tax havens and expose the corrupt elite”, states the newspaper.

A”t the UN general assembly session, Ecuador will propose the creation of a global tax regulator. The IMF estimates that tax dodging costs developing countries more than $200bn (£152bn) a year – much more than the total global aid budget. The proposed UN body would be made up of member states and be empowered to clamp down on tax-evading multinationals, shut down tax havens and expose the corrupt elite who are squirrelling their money away to avoid paying tax.”

You can read the article online in full (in English) and watch the Ecuador’s side event livestream here (in Spanish).

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