Join Fight Inequality actions 14-20 January 2017




The Global Alliance for Tax Justice is proud to be a new partner in the Fight Inequality Alliance.

The #fightinequality Week of Action 14-20 January 2017 will be a week of music, art, popular expression of the world we want :


On Saturday 14th Jan, the week will kick off with events around the world demanding an end to unjust and extreme inequality. There will be protests and parties, stunts and singing, and a loud call for corporate giants and world leaders to put the interests of the many first.

On Tuesday 17th Jan, as political and business leaders convene at the exclusive luxurious ski resort of Davos, thousands of bloggers will be speaking out and sparking international debate on inequality and tax justice. Using the official 2017 World Economic Forum hashtag, we’ll post about our blogs on social media. Together we’ll raise our voices, and make it impossible for political and business leaders to ignore the need to tackle today’s dangerously high levels of inequality. To find out more and to join us click here


On Thursday 18th Jan, activists around the world will be #SharingHope on twitter. Follow us on twitter now to keep up with the action as it happens: @fightinequalit1

What are we fighting for in January?

Inequality has reached extreme and dangerous levels, and has put too much power into the hands of millionaires and powerful corporations. What’s worse, a growing number of hate-filled leaders are gaining power by pretending to stand up for the poorest. But they are not champions for ordinary people and have no intention of ending corporate greed, tax dodging, privatisation of services, and exploitation of workers, women and minorities. In fact, they are stirring division and discrimination that threatens to take us back to the horrors of the past.

We know it’s possible to have a society where everyone matters, and nobody is rich or powerful enough to be immune from the rules. But powerful elites and corporations won’t change a system that works for them without pressure. That’s why we’re coming together in January to loudly challenge the concentration of power in the hands of an elite few, and to demand a better future where governments #fightinequality.

Please see these links for more information about how to join in the #FightInequality Week of Action 14-20 January 2017 in parallel with the annual World Economic Forum in Davos:

Through an inclusive consultation process, the alliance is building a Shared Vision that will articulate what we seek to achieve. The current draft of the shared vision is available in EnglishFrenchSpanish and Portuguese.

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