#TaxJustice Tour in Hungary




The Hungarian chapter of the environmental network Friends of the Earth Hungary (FoE Hu), member of CEE Bankwatch Network, produced an exhibition about tax justice issues, to tour the country since this summer.

The fifteen posters covering the whole Tax Justice elements (“Why Tax Justice”, “Fraud”, “Rising inequalities”, “National loss”, “Scandals”, “Tax havens”, Sweetheart deals, etc.) was conceived using the data of the “Runaway taxes” research. “Runaway taxes” was conducted by Central and Eastern European partners DemNet, Glopolis, IGO and Ekvilib Institute in the Spring, investigating how much tax largest multinational corporations pay in six Central and Eastern European Countries – Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Poland, Latvia and Bulgaria – and is available in Hungarian and English.

The aim of the exhibition is to raise awareness among the public on tax evasion and inequalities, “presenting these complex issues in a simple way, included the iconic cases of last years” as Ákos Éger of FoE Hu explains. It will be toured the country by FoE Hu and DEMNET during several more months, exposing in twenty cities, in places as diverse as public squares, festivals, etc.

You can follow the tour through FoE Hu’s Facebook page.


The exhibition material (of which only 5 out of 15 pictures are directly about Hungary) is now translated into English as well, and made available online in high resolution, for all organizations to be able to print the visuals directly.

You can also contact Ákos Éger directly in order to receive different versions of the pictures, or discuss ways to adapt them to your local needs.

For more information about the “Runaway taxes” research, please contact DemNet Director Éva Bördős

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