“30% of Ecuador’s GNP is hiding in tax havens”




Members of the Global Alliance for Tax Justice, civil society actors and #TaxJustice champions – among which Fundación SES, Latindadd, Red de Justicia Fiscal de América Latina y el Caribe, and Paguen lo Justo – organized an International Forum for Tax Justice  on April 20th. Held in Centro Cultural de la Cooperación in Buenos Aires (Argentina), the Forum’s aim was to “reflect on the necessary measures to implement an international system that could control offshores and discuss the need for a UN Intergovernmental Tax Body”.


The invitation was well-received: several experts like Tax Justice Network’s Andrés Knobel, the Argentinian Banco Central de la República’s director Pedro Biscay and the Página 12 journalist Tomás Lukin, combined their analyses and efforts in a one-day panel.


SES took the opportunity to talk with Ecuador Chancellery’s sub-secretary Carola Iñiguez about the success won by her country’s governing party Alianza País in the last elections – a historical referendum preventing public servants to hold assets in opaque jurisdictions.

“30% of Ecuador’s GNP is hiding in tax havens”, Carola Iñiguez says in the interview, which can be found on Fundación SES’s website.

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