Europe: New CBCR video




European members of the GATJ Public country by country reporting (CBCR) working group have published a video in several languages, explaining why we need public CBCR to help end tax dodging by large multinational companies.

Tax Justice Europe (TJ-E), the European regional network of GATJ, have been campaigning for transparency rules, called public country by country reporting for many years, so that citizens, journalists, civil society and governments can see how much tax large multinational companies are paying and where they pay it. The video is available in eight languages (here) and you are welcome to use, publish and share it widely. It is currently available in Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian (subtitles) and Slovenian.

Get in touch with Olivia Lally at Eurodad if you would like the files, or to propose subtitles in your language.

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