Every cent lost to tax havens could be used to strengthen our health & social systems




Cynthia Umurungi, Communications and Outreach Officer at Tax Justice Network Africa (TJNA) published a blog on Open Democracy, for our global campaign to Make Taxes Work for Women:

“As the coronavirus spreads all over the world like fire, its impact on people with low or nonexistent income is being felt and will soon be severe. (…) This would be a good time for governments to reflect and review their public health and social protection systems”, Umurungi introduces.

“The health crisis coincided with the global campaign on Tax Justice for Women´s Rights. Organised by the Global Alliance for Tax Justice, together with its regional members and partners, the fourth edition happened from March 8th to 20th under the theme Make Taxes Work for Women. The annual campaign aims to reinforce the importance of gender-responsive and quality public services that should be ensured by our governments and are essential to realise women’s rights. Our point is: taxes are the most sustainable source of funding for public budgets and a tool to redress many forms of inequalities, and, in order to ensure that our social services will have funding, we need to tackle harmful tax practices including tax avoidance and tax evasion.”

You can read the whole blog on Open Democracy.


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