ICIJ: Offshore Leaks augmented




The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), responsible for the worldwide publication of many leaks about tax evasion and avoidance such as the Panama Papers and Paradise Papers, added “more than 85,000 entities and more than 110,000 officers from the Paradise Papers” to the Offshore Leaks Database on Wednesday, February 14.


“With this release information on more than 290,000 companies related to the Paradise Papers will be available in the database, more than from any of our previous leaks“, the ICIJ sums up – which means there are now more than 785,000 trusts, companies or funds, and more than 720,000 officers listed in the Database.

“Last November, ICIJ released data from the offshore law firm Appleby, covering a period of more than six decades through 2014 containing information on entities registered in more than 30 offshore jurisdictions. A month later, ICIJ released additional information from corporate registries from four secrecy jurisdictions that appeared in the Paradise Papers investigation: Barbados, the Bahamas, Aruba and Nevis.


The new data comes from three corporate registries: the Cook Islands, Samoa – a member of the Commonwealth of Nations and one of two jurisdictions that make up the Samoan Islands – and Malta. It is valid until the end of 2016. All of the jurisdictions rank high on the Tax Justice Network’s Financial Secrecy Index, either on secrecy only or on secrecy weighted by their share of the offshore market”.

In this incredibly huge amount of information the ICIJ explains how to search and explore the database, by companyby location, or by “networks and entity”.

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