International Seminar champions Global Tax Body in Ecuador




On February 13th and 14th, Representatives of the Global Alliance for Tax Justice gathered with social movements and civil society organizations from different regions of the world, as well as Ecuador’s Foreign Affairs Ministry officials, in Quito, to attend the International Seminar “Towards an International Fiscal Agenda based on Human Rights: for an end to tax havens and for a UN global tax body”.

Members of several regional networks of the Global Alliance for Tax Justice reaffirmed their compromise to work together with the Financial Transparency Coalition and the Ecuadorian government towards Tax Justice and for the eradication of tax havens, through signing a Final Declaration, which you can read here in English and here in Spanish.


The following Sunday, more than 54% of Ecuadorians voted ‘Yes’ to a referendum forbidding civil servants and politicians to keep assets in tax havens.

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