Let’s populate Wikipedia with “Tax Justice” definitions!




It appears that the online free encyclopedia does not count with any “Tax Justice” definition, except for a short Spanish one.

Activists around the world are proposing to organize a “wikijam” in many regions, in order to create “tax justice” entries, with definitions and references, in as many languages as posible.

From your desktop, from your office, take part in this global wikijam: at any moment of the Week of Action, create a “tax justice” entry on Wikipedia in your language. Enter a definition of tax justice (see suggestion below), and references related to it (reports, video, link to media articles, etc.). If you wish to participate, all you need is a computer, a definition of tax justice, an internet connection, and about an hour. Please get in touch with Marie and Nacho, who can provide you with a tutorial on how to take part in the WikiJam, and support all the way.

For the WikiJam, you could for example use the following definition of “tax justice”, which is inspired by the vision of the Global Alliance for Tax Justice:

You can also include a description of the problem (for inspiration, see above under “What’s at stake” and “Where are we at”, as well as the Fact Sheets for the #ParadisePapers Week of Action and on Tax and Women’s Rights). Finally, you can include a call for governments to take action.

Interesting Articles to Read

In interview, Klelia Guerrero (Latindadd) explores the key role of tax justice to finance climate justice
Hibist Kassa (WoMin Alliance) explains the impact of extractivism on women and girls
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