“The Heist No One is Talking about” Oxfam´s new video against tax evasion




Global Alliance for Tax Justice’s committed partner Oxfam, an international NGO fighting against injustices and poverty has globally released a new impactful video on tax evasion, titled “The heist no one is talking about” in English. Conceptualized to raise awareness about harmful tax practises that contribute to poor public service delivery because they are starved off adequate resources, it takes the example of health public services.


“Some viewers may find this content distressing”, the video warns. Indeed, in just over two minutes, it graphically illustrates the effects of tax leak. The video starts in an hospital, where hooded burglars prowl with impunity and deliberately disconnecting incubators and life support machines for patients leading to their traumatic deaths. Like masked criminals, businesses and wealthy elite feel invisible in the eyes of the law when the employ the use of tax havens and low secrecy jurisdictions to evade paying taxes.

“When companies do not pay their fair share of tax, Oxfam concludes, poor countries are stripped of funds needed for vital services like hospitals. Demand governments act to stop tax dodging”.



Share this video here in Englishhere in Frenchhere in Spanish and ask governments to act to stop tax evasion.

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