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November 5th marked the one-year anniversary of the release of the #ParadisePapers – yet another high-profile tax scandal that highlighted the human impact of global tax dodging, exposing the wealthy individuals and multinational companies who dodge taxes.

Organisations from every region around the world joined together to demand that our governments respond to #ParadisePapers by Making Multinationals Pay Their Share of Tax, in Global Days of Action, comprising diverse activities to increase public pressure on governments around the world to end large-scale corporate tax dodging.

From different parts of the world and in many languages, Tax Justice activists and citizens expressed their demands for Tax Justice in a short multilingual video that went viral on the anniversary of the #ParadisePapers:  it was already viewed more than 36000 times on Facebook only!

The Global Alliance for Tax Justice’s regional network members circulated it widely, as well as its partners and allies:

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