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Congratulations to everyone who has participated in and supported the #TaxJustice for #PublicServices Global Week of Action around the world this week of 19-23 June 2017. Here are some end of week campaign highlights. Watch for a longer campaign summary to be released on Monday 26 June 2017. Together we are advancing #TaxJustice for #PublicServices!

OPINION EDITORIAL: Marking World Public Services Day today (23 June 2017), please read and share this Guardian opinion editorial by Rosa Pavanelli, general secretary of Public Services International and chair of the Council of Global Unions.

Want to fund better public services? End corporate tax dodging

Ending corporate tax dodging to fund public services is both necessary and popular. Global elites benefit from the myth that we cannot afford quality public services. They put great effort into keeping the truth about tax avoidance and evasion away from the public. It is up to us to challenge this.

That is why for the UN’s public service day on 23 June, Public Services International, our union affiliates, the Global Alliance for Tax Justice and civil society allies are highlighting the urgent need to stop corporate tax dodging to fund public services.

Around the world , we are calling for public country-by-country reporting to increase tax transparency, protection for whistleblowers who expose abuses, the establishment of a UN global tax body to set global tax standards and monitor shady capital flows and a minimum corporate tax rate to stop the race to the bottom.

See the full editorial here.

CREATIVE ACTION DURING OECD MEETINGS: As part of the #TaxJustice for #PublicServices Global Week of Action, Oxfam asked a sand artist to carve a sculpture in front of the hotel in the Netherlands where the OECD Inclusive Framework meeting was being held this week to discuss progress of the BEPS project against corporate tax dodging. The sand sculpture, showing money leaking from a treasury chest into the sea, symbolizes lost revenues due to corporate tax havens.

Please help share the pictures widely via twitter, Facebook, etc. Urge the OECD and all 100 countries that joined the Inclusive Framework to adopt a stronger approach against corporate tax havens. This message was delivered by the chair of the GATJ and Oxfam representatives in the Inclusive Framework meeting as well.

For more, please see this short blog, from Johan Langerock, Policy Advisor for Fair Tax at Oxfam Novib:

End the era of tax havens: fair taxation to fund health and education

Tax avoidance is a key factor in the rapid rise in extreme inequality seen in recent years. As governments are losing tax revenues, ordinary people end up paying the price: schools and hospitals lose funding and vital public services are cut. This year Oxfam has shown that just 8 men own the same wealth as the poorest half of humanity. The extreme inequality crisis threatens to undermine the progress made in tackling poverty during the last quarter of a century. Therefore, it is important that international tax standards help to address the tax problems of developing countries.

NEW REPORT: Transnational Institute has published an important report Reclaiming Public Services: How cities and citizens are turning back privatisation

VIRAL VIDEOS: Building on its slogan #TaxPaysFor #PublicServices, ActionAid has produced a galvanizing video.

Public Services International has produced a series of great #TaxJustice for #PublicServices videos. Check them out at this link.

See more videos to share from GATJ members and campaign partners on our Facebook page


In South Africa, Nigeria, Malawi, Uganda, Kenya, Burundi, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and Ghana, a series of media events and public actions are taking place across the Africa region. Here are just a few highlights for today.

Burundi: Sandra Kidwingira of TJN-Africa led a TJN-A/Hope Africa University (Burundi) radio discussion

Ghana: A forum was held with the Ghana Integrity Initiative (GII) in partnership with Tax Justice Network-Africa and Public Services International :@GhanaIntegrity

See also these TUC Ghana youth videos

School kids and teachers participated in the photo petition, showing what #TaxJustice for #PublicServices funding can provide: school doors, furniture…

The Global Campaign for Education has compiled some eloquent statistics, country-by-country, on how “Tax must pay for the SDGs”, released in succint tweets:

  • Kenya estimated to lose c.US$1.1bn pa in tax, or c.3 x the #education budget.
  • Govts need min. 20% GDP in taxes; Sierra Leone predicted just 11% in 2016.
  • In 2013 Senegal lost c. US$1.1bn in tax – more than the full education budget.


PSI Asia-Pacific members and healthcare workers, via ActionAid Vietnam, are adding to the photo petition.


The Paguenlojusto tour continues across numerous countries in Latin America. Here’s a photo from the latest forum held in Argentina.


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