Colombia: sarcastic media video on tax evasion becomes big hit




“La Pulla”, opinion program aired by the Colombian newspaper El Espectador, just dedicated a video to the problem of tax evasion and avoidance, advocating for Multinationals to pay their share of taxes.

María Paulina Baena, famous anchor in the country who had recently presented an other “La Pulla” related to lobbying, “now shows the tricks used by multinationals to evade taxes – and why it should be considered a crime”.

Before giving global figures and national examples of “useless incentives”, she explains how tax havens and loopholes function, the role of lawyers and enablers, and transfer pricing.

The video, which already reached more than 180,000 vues, was created with FES Colombia‘s support. FES is a committed partner of the Global Alliance for Tax Justice.

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