Consultancy Opportunity to Develop New Volume of Framing Feminist Taxation




The Global Alliance for Tax Justice (GATJ), Womankind Worldwide and Akina Mama wa Afrika are looking for a consultant to develop a new volume of Feminist Taxation Framework, guide that the organisations co-published in June 2021. 

The second volume is envisioned to focus on economic feminist application into statistical simulation – a more orthodox economic approach that centres the economy and modelling over real lived experiences and realities. It would look at what data is available on a national level and how to use and assess it from intersectional feminist perspectives. The organisations aim to develop a pragmatic step by step guide, looking at the roles of tax and fiscal policy in domestic resource mobilisation and expenditure, and how to influence the policies to be gender transformative. 

Click here to read the terms of reference. The deadline for submission of applications is on 18 October 2021

About ‘Framing Feminist Taxation’

To support tax justice and gender justice advocates to challenge international financial institutions’ role in shaping tax systems, the GATJ’s Tax and Gender Working Group, Womankind Worldwide and Akina Mama wa Afrika developed Framing Feminist Taxation. Presenting a feminist intersectional and human rights-based approach to fiscal policies, the guide brings together examples from Uganda and demonstrates how to link a global advocacy issue to a national framework in a way that is useful for influencing both in country and international spaces. It provides tools to assess the gender bias in the current tax system and how to advocate towards a feminist tax framework – a tax system that upholds human rights and enables substantive gender equality.


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