Tax-free period: a new step in the Colombian campaign




At the end of 2016, the Colombian platform Justicia Tributaria and its partner Gender & Economic Justice had won an unexpected victory by forcing Colombia to lower the IVA on women personal hygiene products. Their campaign #MenstruaciónLibreDeImpuestos, “Tax-free period”, had taken many forms, from street protests, to institutional lobbying and a petition on – and achieved an IVA dropping from 19% to 5%.

“Our campaign continues, with a new goal!”, now say the activists, who launched the second phase of their campaign last week in the country, with a high-profile panel and a street protest.


Now, let’s aim 0% of IVA, because we don’t accept any kind of discrimination! 0 tax for being women!”. “For the first time, women in our country managed to have an incidence on tax policies! the women say. In this new step of our campaign, we will tell the Constitutional Court that the 5% IVA on hygienical products is an act of discrimination that accentuates the inequality affecting us, women”.

¡#MenstruaciónLibreDeImpuestos comienza su nuevo ciclo!

— Justicia Tributaria (@JusTributaria) May 15, 2017


While the campaign is gaining supports of all kinds – senators, media, celebrities -, you can follow the news on Justicia Tributaria’s website and echo or join the conversation on Twitter with the hashtag #MenstruaciónLibreDeImpuestos.

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