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The edition 69 of the monthly podcast looks at our over-reliance on unhelpful economic measures like Gross Domestic Product and how it constrains us. Also:

  • we discuss hurricanes, tax havens and disaster capitalism
  • the bitcoin bubble – China may be closing its doors on it for the moment but tax havens like Switzerland are very interested…

Featuring: John Christensen of the Tax Justice Network and Professor of Political Arithmetic at University of Amsterdam, Daniel Mugge. Produced and presented by Naomi Fowler for the Tax Justice Network.

“If you use GDP as it’s currently measured in order to strengthen your economy, you’ll make choices that if you look at it closer, actually don’t make sense.”

“Because it’s been able to earn a lot of money the financial sector may show up as something that’s contributing positively to GDP and that seems like a serious mischaracterisation of how positive or otherwise the financial sector is for our individual countries.”

Professor of Political Arithmetic at University of Amsterdam, Daniel Mugge

“The last thing the world needs at the moment is an anti-government group of bitcoin suppliers and users who think it’s a good thing to operate beyond democratic or legal scrutiny.”

John Christensen of the Tax Justice Network

Produced and presented by the Tax Justice Network’s Naomi Fowler.

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