GDOA Tax Justice for Women’s Rights 2024 Campaign: Taxing Fairly for Gender-Transformative Care

Calling for Gender-Transformative Tax Systems around the world
12 March 2024
Check out the activities taking place from 18 to 22 March
8 March 2024
GATJ’s Tax and Gender Working Group call on International Women's Day 2024.
22 Nov 2023
This starts the negotiation of a UN Framework Convention on International Tax Cooperation through an inclusive process
22 Nov 2023
The negotiation of a UN Framework Convention to strengthen international tax cooperation is at stake
13 Nov 2023
Profit shifting & IFFs can only be ended through a comprehensive UN Tax Convention and democratic global tax governance
13 Nov 2023
FInancial Times revealed that the EU and UK seem to be playing an obstructive role in the UN tax negotiations
9 Nov 2023
Organised with TAFJA, C4TF & APMDD, the event is part of the commemoration activities of the 10th anniversary of GATJ
3 Nov 2023
Inclusive tax cooperation is a collective responsibility that transcends borders and ideologies
31 Oct 2023
Applications are open until 17 November 2023
20 Oct 2023
The 11th edition of the conference will be held in Ghana from 22 to 24 November
18 Oct 2023
Read more about Canadians for Tax Fairness' new report 'Taxes & the path to a green economy'
10 Oct 2023
The Alliance, members and partners will host sessions at the CSPF from 10-13 Oct. See the highlights of the programme
6 Oct 2023
Ahead of the IMF/WB Annual Meetings, GATJ joins member and partner organisations to discuss alternatives to austerity
2 Oct 2023
New report analyses the linkages between U.S. financial secrecy and environmental crimes in the Amazon region
22 Sep 2023
See highlights of the Asia Days of Action for Tax Justice 2023, led by TAFJA and APMDD
21 Sep 2023
Tove Maria Ryding analyses what this week in NY has meant for a UN Tax Convention and what is next
21 Sep 2023
Interventions during High-Level Dialogue on FfD called for inclusive, democratic and effective tax cooperation at the UN
21 Sep 2023
GATJ regional network in Asia call for the adoption of a UN framework convention on international tax cooperation
18 Sep 2023
From 18 to 22 September, join the activities of GATJ members in Asia
15 Sep 2023
Check out the activities of GATJ and the CS FfD Mechanism and join the discussions
14 Sep 2023
TGWG organises a workshop to explore future shifts in and around the tax and gender playing field over the next 5 years
10 Aug 2023
GATJ Southern members welcome new tax report by the UN Secretary-General
26 July 2023
The summit will take place in Cartagena (Colombia) on 27 and 28 July
24 July 2023
With the facilitation of the CS FfD, GATJ co-organised with TJNA a side event during the High-Level Political Forum
21 July 2023
Latindadd shares the issues in LAC that must be addressed in the first regional fiscal summit
20 July 2023
GATJ participated in a roundtable discussion during the 31st IAFFE Conference
11 Jul 2023
ICRICT expresses concerns on the IMF approach to the ongoing negotiation of financial assistance to Sri Lanka
11 Jul 2023
Renowned economists call out the IMF for abusing its role in debt renegotiations to force countries to adopt OECD rules
10 Jul 2023
The steering committee and key partners got together for a series of in-person meetings in South Africa
5 Jul 2023
The delegation will closely follow discussions about financing for care, a core theme for the TGWG
3 Jul 2023
With a hybrid model, the convening will take place from 3 to 5 July
28 Jun 2023
News and activities from GATJ’s members from 16 to 23 June
27 Jun 2023
Riska Koopman: Mining should contribute to achieving gender equality and alleviating poverty
23 Jun 2023
On this Public Service Day, GATJ members share solidarity messages
22 Jun 2023
Reform of the global financial system must focus on the urgent need to redistribute resources & decision-making power
21 June 2023
Background and next steps: the UN Tax Convention process
19 Jun 2023
The CS FfD Mechanism expresses its deep concerns on the Summit for a New Global Financing Pact
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